The Ultimate Guide To Divorce Lawyer New York

Persons with limited financial resources may apply to the court for an EXEMPTION of paying court filing fees! We can also assist in expediting your divorce proceeding! We pride ourselves for offering one of the most affordable uncontested divorce prices in the New York state area.New york lawyer divorces. Are you ready to get a divorce? Let Roman Grutman & Associates, PLLC help you get divorced quickly and inexpensively. We can help you get divorced in Brooklyn, Staten Island, Queens, Manhattan, and the Bronx.According to our survey, the average divorce in New york takes 9.5 months resolve-lower than the 11-month national average. Our New York readers reported a range of 4 months to 24 months to complete their divorce cases.So whether you live in New York City, Long Island, Westchester, Rochester, Albany, Syracuse or anywhere else in the state of New York for that matter, you can have an alternative to the emotionally devastating and financially ruinous process of an attorney-driven divorce by mediating your divorce or separation with us.Serving New York, NY (White Plains, NY) Lawrence Jay Braunstein is an experienced divorce attorney practicing in the New York area.Steps In A Do-It-Yourself Divorce in New York State Verify that you qualify – To file for a divorce in the state of New York, you or your spouse must be a resident of the state for at least a year. This is a substantial amount of time and not everyone is aware of this requirement.Matrimonial and Family Law Blog. Friday, December 8, 2017. What is Considered Marital Property in New York? If you are in the midst of or considering a divorce in New York, you are probably wondering how the court will split up the property between you and your spouse..To get a divorce in New York, you or your spouse must meet at least one of these residency requirements: You or your spouse has lived in New York for at least two years prior to filing for divorce. You or your spouse has lived in New York for at least one year prior to filing for divorce.