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Why I would have a Pullerbear Pro XL321 if I could only own one tree puller. There is a very good reason to go with the Pullerbear Pro XL321’s. The XL321 is a Pro XL, Grip Xl and Cub XL in one. It has three settings and works particularly well on not only the large stems but the small saplings as well.Our parent company BAC Industries, brings the BrushGrubber line of tools for removing Brush, Small Trees, or Fence Posts.The BrushGrubber 51 in. Steel handled brush remover tool is an easy-to-use tool perfect for pulling up shallow-rooted, small trees and shrubs. With 10 no-slip grip teeth per pad and a steel construction, the BrushGrubber can be used to clear out shallow-rooted brush.Now, we have a way to grip and pull out clumps of larger trees and shrubs. The BG-01 original brush grubber by Brush Grubber is the perfect tool for removing.A heavier chain can be used for posts, shrubs and trees greater than 1" in diameter. The Puller head is designed to MAXIMIZE Leverage in the initial pull, then shifts the fulcrum to the wheels for an easy finish to the uprooting . HOW TO USE THE PULLER. A chain is wrapped around a shrub, tree or post at ground level.How we sell great tools at the lowest prices. We have invested millions of dollars in our own test labs and factories. So our tools will go toe-to-toe with the top professional brands.Bush and shrub removal is now faster and easier thanks to this powerful lever tool designed to remove bushes. It works on all shrubs and bushes with a spreading or shallow root system up to 10-15 years old. Even bigger ones if you’re good at it.Shop 15 Brush Grubber products at Northern Tool + Equipment. For screen reader users: the following is a product category carousel. selecting the "Previous Category" and "Next Category" links will populate the carousel with an additional set of items, the number of items will depend on your device.The Extractigator will work on most woody stem plants from paper thin up to 2" in diameter. The Extractigator Junior is a lighter version of the original Extractigator. The Junior shares the same profile, only is made from thinner material with a shorter handle.